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Balestrate, is an agricultural centre and sea located between Palermo and the province of Trapani. Its history includes the interrventios of Alphonso the Magnificent that bestoweb is to Nicolas Leonfante. The site includes the construction of a oil mill (Trappeto) and of a fishing center, the latter on the beach of Sicciara. In 1600, Balestrate's first village was created on the outskirts of its fishing center.
Besides its natural beauties, we must't forget its historical importance.In fact,the remains of a Greek necropolis, dating back to V century B.C.,lie il the area.Some of
the tombs are of Arab origin and there is a famous castle called Calatubo. This castle is a known for its particular structure surrounded by a triangular wall and four towers,
two square-shaped ones and twosmaller ones. The castle is located on a cliff, the name of the city was Sicciara that derived from Sicilian siccia which
means cuttlefish. These fish were left in the ea that skirts the city.
Embedded in a speatacular marine scenary, Balestrate is located in a strategic position for tourism and holiday in any period of the year.